“Just yesterday I was catching up with one of the super users in the Property department and he was saying that our new external rent collection company was quite impressed when they saw what we have developed with SharePoint Flex.”

The Royal British Legion (UK)

“I’m quite impressed with the documentation and available customizations. I’ve done quite a bit of technical documentation previously and the Resource Guides are very thorough and pretty digestible for such a complex and customizable product.”

Absher Construction (USA)

“The nice thing about the CRM is that it just works and keeps on working – no help desk tickets! The setups are configurable and I am able to this without having a developer.”

S&T Team, Department of Homeland Security (USA)

“We really enjoy having ONE spot for information. It’s very easy to use and we have almost got the whole company using it now.”


“I am very excited for what your Flex CRM will do for us. This first phase has exceeded my expectations both in capability and customer service. Looking forward to continued dialogue as we get more practiced in this program.”

Telephonics Corporation (USA)

“It was absolutely brilliant to listen to you this morning. I really did learn a lot! I just wanted to say a quick thank you, not only that you have done what I needed but you have opened up a whole new world in terms of what support we have available.”

Octapharma (UK)

“LookOut Software has been our outsourced software solutions provider for more than 10 years. As our business has grown and evolved, the team at LookOut found solutions to our needs and assisted our growth with one after another software development project.”

“Through the years Kerri and her team of technical wizards and programmers have provided us with endless degrees of software support. When we need something ASAP, they work tirelessly to deliver. Today we have several divisions that each utilize an integrated yet completely customized CRM systems that manage our day-to-day operations.”

“It has not always been easy to get people to go in the direction we wanted but with Kerri and the team at LookOut Software, along with our internal commitment, we have a different company today than we did 10 years ago.”

Brown & Brown (USA)

“*Great Results – *Personable – *Expert – *Good Value – *On Time *High Integrity – *Creativity”

“Kerri and I changed the entire concept of a full service, out-sourced sales and marketing program. I had one or two interesting thoughts and Kerri had all the rest, the tools, the smarts, the time and the perseverance to craft a brilliant, elegant, savvy solution.”

“She gets it at a high level and can multi-task the incremental as well as the monumental. I would highly recommend Kerri and her team at LookOut Software to assist your business to triple its sales in a year.”

 BTTM Capital (Thailand)

“I have found Kerri and her team at LookOut Software to be consistent in their business focus and personally dedicated to getting results for their clients. Kerri is flexible in her approach to solving problems and creating solutions.”

“She has been a trusted advisor and I appreciate that she seeks to give more than expected to every project. She is knowledgeable to consult with on many topics and determined to achieve success for her clients and hence herself. You will not be disappointed.”

Insight for Living Canada (Canada)

“Flex has dramatically improved our operations and greatly facilitated the management of our workload. Love it!”

Pima County Real Property Services (USA)

“A better awareness regarding the account activities has been achieved.”

Safran Engineering (France)

“There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said in other reviews. The product is solid, easy to use, SharePoint-based so easily supportable…and the company stands fully behind their product. Updates are regular and innovation and customer input are seen in each version. Excellent SharePoint CRM Application.”

AllTech (USA)