LookOut Software - Creators of Flex365x

We have been designing, developing and delivering business information and relationship management (CRM) software for over 20 years.
From the beginning, our Purpose has been to create customizable and scalable software for businesses that want to manage their own systems and control their own data.  Our expertise has been gained in the trenches, developing and deploying CRM software, with a focus on built-in functionality, flexibility and configurability.

Over the years we have developed, delivered, and supported a wide array of software solutions, to hundreds of businesses and organizations – from small to Fortune 500 – both public and private.

Flex365x is the evolution and realization of our Purpose.

In our 20+ years developing relationship & information management software, our Values are, as they have always been, centered around manifesting our clients’ success.
We work diligently with this end in mind.

As a unique and novel partnership, Flex365x and SharePoint Online, create a catalyst to enable the deployment of an ‘information management and relationship network’ which can ‘fit like a glove’ to support your business needs.

Efficient, effective, flexible, configurable, user-friendly, built-in functionality and extendable are the terms we keep top of mind when developing features for your business software.

We know the importance of trust in selecting a software partner.

Our goal is to be the best at what we do.