Create Relationships

Create relationship structures that matter to your business. Don’t be restricted to limitations. Create Top Level lists and Child Related Lists swiftly and easily.

Share To Teams

From any Flex365x list item Share to Teams.  From all areas of Flex365x the 'Teams' icon is available to easily share information through Teams to a Member or Channel. No setup required.  

Customize Forms

Configure your forms to display information in one column or two. Arrange in groupings with headers and collapse or not. You choose how to display the information to make it most useful to your team.

e-Notices & Reminders

Why create another email to your team that will get lost in the Inbox when a ‘Flex365x e-Notice’ will alert them to the topic AND at the same time link them directly to the item, or event?

Privately send an ‘e-Notice’ to an individual or your entire team, or just log an event for yourself, with or without a reminder. Team members, as well as yourself, will have a ‘log’ of all e-notices to keep a running tab of what is going on – be it a project, a contract, a supplier, a prospect, a proposal, or any list item in your CRM.


Everyone knows how to scroll through lists of emails in Outlook to review content, right? Well... do the same in Flex365x with any list item. Whether that be emails, documents or regular text values the I-Viewer allows for scrolling from one item to another.

Click and delete or Click and edit (depends on user rights of course!) while scrolling along. The I-Viewer makes handling alot of data super simple and effective.

Save Emails

Drag emails from OWA to any Flex Item making them easily readable by team members while maintaining a record of communication

New Item Manager

Ensure that new information is super easy to add with the List Item Processor and access all the new items from one place.

The ‘LIP’ automatically displays all child related list items so no setup is required. It’s a one stop location for adding new related items, dragging and dropping documents and emails and viewing the results.

List Item Auto Numbering

Set up custom numbering for each list item. Although SharePoint has its own ID system you can easily configure your own.

Auto Update Values

Simply enter the same column name at child items as the parent and values will roll down automatically. Example is a Contact Phone Number and Address related to the parent Account.

Forget to add a field that needs to roll down? Do not worry, you can update all related parent/child values whenever you need to with this neat feature.

Document Management

Create Custom Folder names and drag documents singly or in groups to any item in Flex. Drag to Search Result pane, List Item Processor pane or directly to the Flex Item form. Easy and efficient like all Flex features.

Documents roll up to be viewable at Parent list items and using the I-Viewer its easy to scan through multiple documents to find the one you want.

Cross List Super Search

Quickly find what you’re looking for.

You are going to love the Flex365x Super Search! Not only can you find what you are looking for regardless of the list it is in but you can drag and drop documents and emails to the result page and add new related items.

Searching in SharePoint Online has never been so friendly and easy.

Lead Automation

Drag and drop an email received from a Web form directly to a 'Leads' List from Outlook Web and have the Lead item automatically created and field values populated.

Put the 'lead' through your personal qualification process and when ready convert to an Account item. Conversion process includes all email communication with the click of a button.

Time Tracker

Add ‘the Time Tracker’ feature to any list item in your Flex365x list and then keep track of hours and minutes spent working on projects.

Total time is added to the parent item for Time Tracked. Use the List Item Processor to quickly add specific time and details. Configure your own field values.

Congrats Feedback Total Item

Every time a new item is added to Flex365x the user will receive an automatic feedback notification of their contribution to the team effort showing the total items added for each list.

Built for teams that work together

Enabling small and medium sized teams & groups to fast track the process of sharing collaborative information in order to manifest and support unique business processes.

Enhances native SharePoint Online functionality

Builds upon and takes advantage of core SharePoint Online functions. Start small and add as you go with no downtime!

Designed to be straightforward and effective

Building a relationship system in SharePoint Online has never been easier, more affordable or the results more instantly useful.

Cost-effective and easy to use

With a simplified format for installation, setup and configuration Flex365x is a safe bet. With its minimal user training and support requirement it saves time and money!

Provides valuable structure, features, and functions

With a focus on practicality and simplicity Flex365x provides functionality which ensures your system remains super easy to learn and use.

Committed to your success

For over 20 years developing relationship management systems the team at Lookout Software has its customer’s satisfaction top of mind.

Flex365x provides a flexible and extendable relationship structure for SharePoint Online with useful features and functions that take advantage of the incredible Microsoft 365 ecosystem to support business growth.

An Example of a Flex365x Customer Site

These images are 'site' examples of what one of our customers created for their business needs. Construct your own Themes, Lists, Fields, Forms and Relationships.

Sales Dashboard
Project Dashboard

Cross List Super Flex365x Search

From the Flex365x search result list add new items, drag & drop emails and documents and instantly see all related items. A powerful, configurable and  easy to use feature.

Scrolling Viewer for Items, Emails & Documents

Quickly scan through specific items whether it be text, emails or documents.  For example, review all Contract documents for a specific customer without having to open each one.  A useful & powerful feature that saves time.

Create your unique Relationships

Flex365x becomes the ‘hub’ where all your business details and relationships are managed.  Go beyond Lookup fields with our automated parent/child system.

Automatically Update Values from Parent to Child

Keeping information current is always a challenge. Our focus is to simplify life for you which is why Flex365x automatically updates the specific field values that change at the Company level, leaving child items ready for useful consumption by your team.

Configure Personalized Child Item Displays

Wish you could easily see all communication related to a Company, a Contract, a Maintenance item (or any other list you have created) in ONE place?  With the Flex365x powerful Sub Grid system not only is it super easy to setup but super easy for people to use.

Enable, Find and Display the Whole Picture

Minimize your team’s steps and effort to manage shared information to ensure that key business knowledge is available today and tomorrow.  Enabling scattered and siloed information leaves your business vulnerable. Flex365x supports team objectives with streamlined and automation functions.

Connect Dynamic Relationships

Need to connect one business account to another to know who is related to who and why?  The Flex365x ‘Connections’ feature will enable this knowledge to be shared. Easy to setup, configure and use.