Our Affordably Priced Projects Include:

The Flex365x
Extension App
All Workflows Included

& Guidance

WEB Outlook
Flex Connector
Drag & Drop Emails to Items

Future Maintenance
With New Features

With over 20 years in the business of ‘Relationship/Information Management Software’ 
we have learned one thing really well.

One Size Never Fits All

Let’s go with simple…

Useful, affordable and expandable CRM plugin which enhances and extends SharePoint Online.

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First Year

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2 complimentary admin users

Subsequent years 

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2 complimentary admin users

Flex365x CRM Configuration

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Customer success is more important to us than simply selling software

Creating relationship software and supporting customers to get the most from it is what we strive for every day.  Give us a try and find out for yourself how easy life can be with Flex365x managing your business information.

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