As your needs change, and as your company grows, simply further expand Flex365x functionality with desired Microsoft's SharePoint 365 ecosystem extensions.

Move from siloed information to shared information with Flex365x.

Flex365x provides the tools to easily transition from isolation to collaboration. Find, create and share valued information with ‘wizard-like’ features that will empower your teams to easily and efficiently create a dynamic network of information within the powerful ecosystem of SharePoint Online and 365.

Sample of a Flex365x
Information Management Network

We’ve all been there! Information everywhere. Cannot find what you need?

People long gone from the team? Simply turn a SharePoint Online site into a seamless, uncomplicated CRM that supports your specific business need.

Manage and share team-related information pertaining to companies, contacts, interactions, emails, properties, leases, emails etc… Simply, easily, today!

How Easy is it to Install?

Drag and drop one file to your App Catalog, then add the App to your site! Couldn’t get easier than this!

What type of Information Can we Collect?

Built to enable the loading of all types of information used in businesses today, including any number of list items, emails and all sorts of documents, Flex365x structures and organizes information for the benefit of collaborative teams.

How Much Training do our Users Need?

We believe in the concept of training because it ensures that people work most efficiently and the team stays consistent with their procedures. Give your team 2 hours of training and the effort will pay off.

How Do we Get Support?

Once you are setup, we will provide our support email and a contact person to ensure you have the help when you need it.
If you need assistance with configuration or complex situations, we will need direct access to your site temporarily in order to get your issue resolved super-fast!

What Kind of Reporting Functions are Available?

Flex365x takes advantage of SharePoint Lists, the simplest ‘reporting” tool besides Excel. Want more complex reports, apply Power BI or Export to Access/Excel.

Can I Integrate Mailchimp?

We do not integrate directly with Mailchimp. However, it’s super easy to create a marketing list from your Contact list and export it to a Mailchimp Campaign. Or talk to us about your specific needs and we will do our best to help.

How Easy is it to Update New Functions?

Drag and drop one file to your App Catalog. Refresh the page a few times. Voila – all new features are available!

How Easy is it to Find Information?

Our focus in developing Flex365x is to provide an efficient tool for teams that wish to share pertinent information! Whatever type of data you need to manage, we want to ensure your team can – enter it – find it – display it – easily and efficiently.