Our corporate slogan “Customer success means more to us than simply selling software” is as true today as it’s always been. We do not use this slogan simply for marketing, it is part of our DNA. A successful implementation of our software is optimally important to us.
This is why we spend the necessary time to help you get Flex365x configured for your CRM and information management needs.  It is actually a very simple configuration tool once the relationships and functions are understood. We will ensure you get to that point swiftly.
There is no particular technical skill that is required to self-manage your Flex365x beyond an understanding of SharePoint Online and 365 in general.  Of course, the more experience your team has with SharePoint Online the more you will be able to take advantage of all the extensions and add-ons available in the 365 ‘ecosystem’! 
Flex365x CRM and SharePoint Online will support the creation of a highly personalized business solution for your company.  One, where it is possible to start small, and grow over time using tools, extensions, features and functions that are important to support your needs.
We include configuration support in the price paid for the license because we want you to succeed quickly and efficiently.  The only additional charge would be for customization, feature enhancement or integration work. 
All configurations that Flex365x has built-in will be covered by your license fee.

Simply email support@lookout-software.com and one of our team will respond to you as a priority.