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We are carefully researching companies that have expertise in Microsoft 365 and who ultimately may be interested in a unique opportunity to join us in representing Flex365x, a ‘relational information management’ extension tool for SharePoint Online. Our research has led us to your company as a qualified potential co-partner.

Not only does Flex365x function extremely well as a simple to use CRM addressing a wide array of business situations, the beauty and exciting opportunity of Flex365x is when it becomes the foundation of an automated business information solution by utilizing the wide spectrum of functions, features, apps and extensions available in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Also, it must also be noted that Flex365x is not restricted to just the 365 ecosystem but also any platform that can connect to SharePoint Online.

One of our clients best summarizes the opportunity that Flex365x offers when delivered as part of an overall business solution in the following testimonial:

Flex365x is a re-engineered evolution of our SharePoint Flex On Premise which is a product 14 years in development with an international client base, primarily in the USA.

The right partnerships can create new markets, business opportunities and innovations. It seems that your company is a growth-oriented company and why we are reaching out.

If the possibility of a co-partnership with us strikes you as intriguing in any way, please send email and we can arrange a convenient time to talk.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reading this introduction.
Best wishes,

Kerri Groves
President & Technical Guru
LookOut Software, Inc.
Vancouver, BC, Canada