Learning the Language of CRM

The biggest challenge we face when attempting to reach our goals is giving up on them before we reach the point of no return. To illustrate this point I will share a personal anecdote with you. A person who has since become a good friend of mine immigrated to Canada as a refugee when he was eleven years old.

Upon arrival, his knowledge and understanding of the English language was cursory at best. Due to language and cultural barriers, he initially struggled to express himself in school and through words. As a result, he struggled to make the most of his potential.

Thankfully, he never gave up on the language or himself. He continued to work toward his goals and today he is enrolled in university, and has become one of the best writers I’ve personally had the privilege of getting to know. He learned the language, realized his potential and each and every day continues to reach for it. This is also true when it comes to learning and mastering the language of Customer Relationship Management.

CRM is a Language of Human Relationships

When I talk about CRM, I think in terms of a language of human relationships connected by software. In doing this I want to emphasize the importance of thoroughly understanding the language that we will use to communicate, and how our communication is a sharing of information that can and should benefit our business or organization.

Learning how to choose CRM software and then how to make productive use of it can be compared to deciding to learn a new language and then having to make use of it in the real world. In order for the decision to lead into successful use of the language, one must be prepared to invest ample time and energy into the process.

Success isn’t Rewarding if it’s Easy

CRM systems can deliver outstanding benefits, including efficiency gained through improved collaboration, access to valuable information for the development of best practices and business intelligence, as well as improved customer service and prospect marketing.

Knowledge comes from information and it’s a powerful reason to keep driving CRM processes, procedures and methodologies forward. Even if you suffer small setbacks, don’t lose hope, and don’t give up. Work with your CRM system to maintain a competitive edge through efficiency gains and business intelligence. As the famous American poet Robert Frost once said, “The best way out is always through.”