How to Motivate People to Use CRM

We human beings are pretty predictable aren’t we? When it comes to CRM, whether you have had a strategy in place for 2 months, 2 years, or 20 years you most likely are facing common challenges and asking questions such as:

How can I get more consistent and detailed use of the CRM?

How do I motivate people to use the CRM as much as they use email?

How can I better leverage the information we are gathering into actionable data?

Be Prepared for Adversity

Some IT Directors arrive at the assumption that CRM users are basically lazy; however we really can’t put the blame on them. People naturally tend to want to keep things as they are. It’s human nature to find the path of least resistance – with everything from a scheduling change, a new policy, and yes, even adapting to using CRM software. Rather than moaning about the unpredictable use of the CRM by your staff, you should expect this to be the case from the start.

When usage of the CRM is minimal or in decline and no action is taken, users will assume this behavior is tolerated in your company. They will continue to take advantage of the lack of repercussions. (Sort of sounds like parenting strategy, doesn’t it?)

Lead Them, They Will Follow

Before undertaking a CRM implementation, assign a CRM Manager to take ownership and responsibility of the basic use of the CRM. This person’s role is much like that of a parent, protecting and nurturing the infant CRM system.

The designated individual spearheads the CRM effort, taking responsibility for how the CRM system is being utilized and who isn’t using it. They must be given a certain amount of authority over what they monitor and what actions they will take. It’s imperative that the CRM “Chief” have the support of someone in management who will follow through when issues or conflicts arise.

The CRM Manager will ensure that protocols are upheld and that defined business procedures and processes are stringently adhered to. He or she will hold people accountable to the CRM requirements that are determined by the

corporation and will report to management those users who fail to do their bit.

Teamwork is what empowers an organization. Have an approach in place to make sure the users can benefit from using the CRM software. It must include useful functions and easy-to-use features so that everyone can get on board.

Make it the place people want to go at the beginning of the day – a convenient, reliable source of all customer & contact information and work-related tasks. Ask for and encourage feedback to further improve the CRM with individually-focused behaviors that users find comfortable.

Focus around having your users fall in love with the CRM system and the early days of struggle where people need to develop new habits will be a lot less stressful for all.