How to Cure CRM Laziness

CRM Administrators and Managers have heard all the excuses on why their CRM system isn’t being updated! Regardless of the reason – if your users will not update your CRM system, the solution lies in making your CRM system a more integral part of their day.

As long as they can run their entire day without having to go to the CRM system to retrieve or add something then it will be an uphill battle to gain compliance. Start the process by ensuring that your CRM software is configured for your business, using your language and terminology.

If you can find some information that people are accustomed to obtaining some other way, and make that information ONLY available from the CRM system, you will have a big win over lazy CRM users. People, much like rivers, will find the easiest route to travel – and who can blame them? Find a way to give them useful information in the CRM system and they will begin to embrace it as a valuable operational business tool.

Companies continue to be sold on big, brand name software only to discover the complexity of implementation and training exceeds their ability to maximize the benefits and glitzy features.

Before getting in too deep, look for the “sweet spot” in your company. That is the area that will deliver the sort of return expected from a CRM investment. If it’s not necessary to go with a Big Name for these benefits, why spend the money in difficult economic times?

All CRM implementations will take their toll on users who must change the way they work. Find out from them what tools or information they need to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Follow through on their feedback by customizing the CRM software to work their way whenever possible and invest in the development of functions that your users need to work together optimally as a team.

When the CRM system is matched to your exclusive business processes it will more likely become a discovery instead of a chore for your team. Train them, support them and (when needed) give them an incentive to adapt until it becomes habitual.

Ensure your CRM has useful functions for your team and get everyone involved. Make it the place people want to go and a source they rely on, because everything is there. Whatever you do, never give in or give up!