Flex365x Answers the Call From Small Business

A common misconception about implementing or even considering a CRM strategy is that it is too large of an undertaking for smaller organizations. Nothing could be more untrue. During challenging business times, Customer Relationship Management is more important than ever – maintaining strong relationships with existing clients and prospects is critical in these times.

So many CRM systems are cookie-cutter, out-of-the-box bundles. When faced with a functionality issue or customization need, users assume an entirely new and costly product needs to be purchased or developed. Small businesses might view this as a drawback, especially when challenged with limited IT resources.

Enter today’s CRM innovators: answering this call not only through product excellence, but by committed partnership with their clients to extend a veritable support foundation for success.

Whether it’s customization, functionality, or implementation planning, LookOut Software’s Flex365x meets this demand. A leader in CRM support excellence, LookOut provides an impressive array of support services, documentation, training resources and expert technical staff. With CRM being core business software, this product serves as a dual investment, leveraging Microsoft 365x licensing and infrastructure already in place.

Especially in times of economic constraints, software packages truly are an investment. Everyone has software. What accompanies the box is what makes the difference.