7 Reasons Why SharePoint Online is the Right Platform for CRM

It’s wise to economize, so why not use what you already have? When coupled with CRM software, your company can unleash the full potential of SharePoint Online – and transform it into a CRM powerhouse.

1. SharePoint is Popular

IT professionals love SharePoint Online because it helps them cut training and maintenance costs, save time and effort, and focus on higher priorities.

2. Utilizes an Existing Asset

By leveraging SharePoint’s built-in features and intelligently extending them, CRM software for SharePoint delivers an array of cost savings such as centralization of IT management, options to integrate other existing LOB systems and more.

3. It’s Extendable

SharePoint Online CRM software can be installed and used immediately as-is, or by making minor field adjustments. As the business evolves and internal processes expand, it can easily be extended even further with custom workflows within the 365 ecosystem.

4. Business Value Focus

By using a CRM Extension like Flex365x within SharePoint Online you can manage your unique business, train users on one platform and leverage the powerful ecosystem of Microsoft 365.

5. Easy to Use

Users can work confidently with a familiar interface and direct connections to Microsoft Office programs like Outlook and Excel. There will always be some temporary challenges in getting users to adapt to new software procedures. The key benefit here – they’re already acquainted with the platform, making the adjustment much smoother.

6. Maintains Control over Intellectual Property

A SharePoint Online-based CRM solution keeps sensitive customer data stored within your own 365 Tenant and integrates with other business systems already in place.

Lastly and most importantly:

7. Saves Money

SharePoint Online Flex365x software is a very competitively priced CRM  and Data Information & Relationship Management software.

For a better way to maintain customer relations, building upon and leveraging your existing Microsoft 365 license it is just plain smart.